Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Life can bring you chaos and life can bring you tiaras! And that's why I am here!

Good Morning! I find it only appropriate that my first blog be about me. 
And the no's and yes's of my life. I hope you can relate and follow me 
on this journey. I not only will be doing a blog but will be doing a vlog 
as well. That will be up and running soon.

   No, I don't wear the top of line cosmetics. No, I can't re-purpose 
furniture. No, my 3 kids don't have great manners. But guess what I 
wear my tiara everyday that I am in the thick of the chaos. And you are 
not alone and never feel that way. Yes, my family is bat shit crazy. Yes,
I have more sweats then jeans. Yes, I get more use out of my slippers 
then any other shoes. Yes, I have all flats and sandals...who the hell
has time for heals! Yes, there are crumbs and moldy cups in my car. 
Yes, there are unidentifiable objects in the car. But I am real and I am 
realistic and I never try to be something I am not. I will show you 
things to make life easier. Somethings maybe not and I WILL let you 
know. Let's take this journey together!

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