Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Traveling Adventures with 3 kids, a grouchy husband, and a delayed flight. Part 1

No matter how much you try you can't leave your house on time. You always remember you forgot to pack one or two things. That entails laying down the suitcase and finding the right spot. Worst yet it is usually a liquid or gel like substance that can'y go on a plane because of some idiots. What I like to do is wrap up the lid with a special tie that one of my daughters came up with for hair that I doubled for travel. I will post a how to video later on and it so easy. Trust me...a monkey blind folded could do it. Like I said before I like to think I am crafty but I am not! Anyway, back to the travels....We are now 10 minutes late leaving the house!

In our case we have to hire a house/pet sitter. Our animals are very very very special to us and we never like to up root them. We like to keep them in an environment where they seem happy. And we always hire a family friend. So if you are like me that means..omg...code is a mess, no matter how hard I try the dust stays they dog hair keeps showing up. No vacuum can conquer the dog and cat hair! Somehow it rears it's ugly head. And there are still crumbs on the stove, even after you have cleaned it 18 times. I look back on more time to make sure the house looks ok and I am not totally embarrassed by my efforts. And of course I see a tumble weed of hair and big fat smudge of dirt on the floor. What the fricker fracker?!?!?!? Where did that come from? Now I have to run back in and get the tumble weed, grab a wipe and wipe the stain because I need to see it clean! Now we are 25 minutes late leaving the house!

And the icing on the cake? The cherry on the top?......All the kids are in, luggage is in, we pull away and ooops, low gas light :/ 

Stay tuned part 2 coming up soon!!

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